Free Spiiirit is a lifestyle brand conceptualized and created by Amiiiri Tafari and Triiinity Tafari.

Our brand is dedicated to embodying freedom of mind, body, and spiiirit ascending to unending planes. Home of the SoulBeads, we feature authentically created holistic brand items ranging from handmade jewelry to herbal blends & more.

We aim to service the community in knowledge & in love. We provide yoga classes, wellness workshops & events for free spiiirits. Artistically, we provide styling, creative direction, and modeling services. We also provide promotional services to various businesses.

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Our Story
Our Vision

A beautiful companionship, a love of the arts, and a genuine passion for all things liberated and free are at the roots of this lifestyle brand. Inspired by the never ending quest for knowledge and enlightenment combined with endless swagger, two women came together to create the Free Spiiirit Brand.

Our vision is to be the embodiment of freedom of mind, body, and spiiirit by spreading love, positivity, knowledge, and light through fashion. We desire to open the eyes of the people, all three. We envision the whole world one day joining in unity as Free Spiiirits together.